At the MI Family Law Center, we specialize in family law in order to be able to give you the best legal advice possible on your family law case.  We can look at your case and discuss how the local courts are likely to view your situation and what your best options are.

From our office in Grand Rapids we represent clients in the West Michigan area.

  • Free basic consultations via phone and e-mail
  • Hour long in depth office consultations for $100
  • Evening appointments available
  • Domestic Relations Mediation
  • Divorce
  • Custody and parenting time modifications
  • Child and Spousal Support modifications
  • Interstate Custody enforcement and modification
  • Interstate Support enforcement and modification
  • Personal Protection Order defense
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  • No attorney client relationship is established via email or telephone and no email, computer or virtual communications should be considered confidential or privileged. Although we may provide a free evaluation of your potential claim, it is understood that this service does not establish an Attorney/Client relationship. Unless arrangements are made for further consultation and a formal retainer agreement is signed by both you and one of our attorneys, our firm cannot assume any responsibility for taking any steps necessary to properly pursue your potential claim. It is also understood that the evaluation you will receive is an opinion based upon the information provided and that there may be additional information not provided by you that may change that opinion.