Grand Rapids Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Calculations
The child support attorneys at MI Family Law Center will help divorcing parents when the child support obligations are unknown. Many divorcing parents or newly separated parents wonder what their child support obligations will be. Child support is mainly based on income but it is also heavily influenced by the parenting time arrangement. There are also certain expenses, including day care and health care insurance that play a part in determining the appropriate amount support. While the child support calculator has strict guidelines, there are certain exceptions to the rules that we understand and may be able to apply to your case. Once we evaluate your circumstances we can explain your options and develop a strategy in regards to the amount of child support that is ordered.

Child Support Modifications
According to Michigan and Federal child support law you are entitled to have your child support obligation reviewed every three years. It is also permitted to have your child support reviewed when there has been a legal change in circumstances; however, such reviews generally require a motion to be filed in order to establish the change in circumstances. It is important that you consult with a professional, such as one of our child support lawyers, to understand both the law and your options from the beginning. Many times a child support order can be modified if the custodial arrangement or parenting time schedule has been changed by the parties. We always recommend that you keep both a journal and a calendar so you know the details of the custodial arrangement or parenting time schedule and are able to present these details to the court if necessary. It is vital that all options are explored and all potential support modifications are calculated correctly from the onset. Contact us to learn more and speak with one of our experienced child support attorneys.