TM v MZ – May 18, 2018 – DN 155398

TM v MZ - May 18, 2018 - DN 155398

The Michigan Supreme Court resolved in the split in COA PPO panels and held that the expiration of a PPO does not cause the appeal of a PPO to become moot (and therefore it is not necessary to find an exception to the mootness doctrine) as the respondent would still be entitled to have LEIN reflect that the PPO was vacated or was otherwise improperly entered.

One other interesting aspect of this opinion is that it appears to address the application of MCR 3.705(C) & 18 USC 2265(d)(3) and the Supreme Court ordered the parties to be referred to by their initials and captioned the opinion as TM v MZ (at the Court of Appeals the parties were still referred to by their names).