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Michigan Personal Protection Order (PPO) Case Law

On September 1, 2014, the Michigan Court Rules were amended to prohibit courts from publishing on the Internet any information regarding Personal Protection Orders and Petitions.  See MCR 3.705(C).  As a result of this change, the Court of Appeals had removed all records of PPO cases from its website (both published and unpublished cases were removed).  Recently the Court of Appeals has reversed course and has begun publicly releasing opinions again.

The removal of this case law has made it very difficult to do legal research regarding PPO case law.  As such, the Michigan Family Law Group has decided to take on the effort of gathering the cases regarding personal protection order case law and publishing them on its website. 

DateCase NameOpinionSummaryDocket #TypePP/PH
11/2/2023DWJ v CLBopinionsummary363324Unpublished – ReversedPH
8/17/2023In re Contempt of SKopinionsummary362557Unpublished – AffirmedPH
8/10/2023SMG v GGopinionsummary363439Unpublished – ReversedPH
7/27/2023In re KJLopinionsummary361898Unpublished – reversed in partPP
6/22/2023NEH v NAKopinionsummary361640Unpublished – AffirmedPP
6/22/2023CK v AMopinionsummary362000Unpublished – AffirmedPP
6/15/2023NM v JLSopinionsummary361110Unpublished – AffirmedPH
5/25/2023In re RECopinionsummary362011Unpublished – AffirmedPP
4/20/2023In re DFMopinionsummary361778Unpublished – AffirmedPP
4/13/2023DU v CUopinionsummary359622Unpublished – ReversedPP
4/6/2023PC v JLSopinionsummary361161Published – ReversedPH
2/21/2023In re SDopinionsummary359305Unpublished – AffirmedPH
1/19/2023LW v SCMopinionsummary359150Unpublished – AffirmedPH
1/12/2023In re NHMopinionsummary355983Unpublished – AffirmedPP
1/12/2023CNN v SEBopinionsummary359007Published – Reversed on 1st Amendment groundsPH
12/29/2022In re CPopinionsummary359666Unpublished – ReversedPP
12/29/2022MT v. DMopinionsummary359739Unpublished – AffirmedPP
12/15/2022KO v. MDopinionsummary358567Unpublished – ReversedPP
12/15/2022In re JDJopinionsummary359366Unpublished – AffirmedPH
12/15/2022In re Guardianship of Asplundopinionsummary361556Unpublished – AffirmedGA
10/20/2022APB v. RCBopinionsummary358402Unpublished – AffirmedPP
10/20/2022BMG v. RBopinionsummary359111Unpublished – AffirmedPH
7/28/2022In re PKopinionsummary358363Unpublished – AffirmedPH
7/14/2022ARM v. KJLopinionsummary357120Published reversed in partPP
6/23/2022In re LTopinionsummary356667Published Reversed ContemptPH
6/16/2022AH v. AKopinionsummary358056Unpublished – AffirmedPH
5/19/2022In re DPDFopinionsummary355799Unpublished – AffirmedPP
4/28/2022AMA v. MWAopinionsummary357438Unpublished – Reversed denial of PPOPP
3/24/2022JMP v. BCopinionsummary356237Unpublished – AffirmedPP
3/17/2022CRB v. SABopinionsummary356872Unpublished – MootPP
12/9/2021CAJ v KDTopinionsummary355433Published – ReversedPH
10/7/2021SP v BEKopinionsummary353984Published – AffirmedPP
7/15/2021AMA v SSopinionsummary354356Unpublished – Reversed in partPP
7/8/2021IN re JLSopinionsummary354074Unpublished – ReversedPP
6/17/2021LM v BMopinionsummary352461Unpublished – AffirmedPP
4/15/2021In re JCBopinionsummary349975Published – AffirmedPH
2/25/2021PF v JFopinionsummary351461Published – ReversedPP
2/18/2021KMB v BLMopinionsummary351725Unpublished – AffirmedPP
1/28/2021DN v JCMopinionsummary351666Unpublished – AffirmedPH
12/22/2020AD v HADopinionsummary350006Unpublished – MootPP
12/17/2020DRC v JGopinionsummary351783Unpublished – ReversedPH
11/19/2020RS v AHopinionsummary350119Unpublished – ReversedPH
10/29/2020IW v MMopinionsummary350711Unpublished – AffirmedPP
10/29/2020TT v KLopinionsummary351531Published – Reversed in partPH
10/15/2020JM v JSopinionsummary349991Unpublished – Affirmed trial court dismissalPH
8/20/2020PH v PSopinionsummary349224Unpublished – AffirmedPH
6/4/2020SLA v SZopinionsummary349341Unpublished – AffirmedPH
5/21/2020TBG v CJJopinionsummary349228Unpublished – ReversedPH
Feb 20, 2020LKH v ADBopinionsummary345948Unpublished – ReversedPP
Jan 14, 2020JH v JPHopinionsummary345589Unpublished – ReversedPP
Dec 26, 2019PLT v JBPopinionsummary346948Unpublished – AffirmedPH
Dec 19, 2019BS v JBopinionsummary346306Unpublished – AffirmedPH
Dec 12, 2019JLT v DACopinionsummary348098Unpublished – ReversedPH
Nov 26, 2019LBP v BWWopinionsummary345833Unpublished – AffirmedPH
Oct 15, 2019TRN v MDGopinionsummary345306Unpublished – ReversedPP&PH
July 23, 2019In re SADopinionsummary344335Unpublished – AffirmedPP
June 11, 2019Hill v Rileyopinionsummary343370Unpublished – AffirmedPP
June 6, 2019BG v SLopinionsummary344631Unpublished – AffirmedPP
May 14, 2019Podewell v Podewellopinionsummary341580Unpublished – AffirmedPP
April 9, 2019In re Wrinnopinionsummary342557Unpublished – AffirmedPH
March 19, 2019Ruffino v Bartonopinionsummary343153Unpublished – AffirmedPP
March 12, 2019Berryman v Mackeyopinionsummary340879Published – ReversedPH
March 7, 2019Wong v Thoringtonopinionsummary341044Unpublished – Reversed contempt order on due process groundsPH
January 8, 2019Hewelt v Heweltopinionsummary340170Unpublished – AffirmedPP
December 20, 2018Harrell v Lathamopinionsummary342049Unpublished – ReversedPP
December 18, 2018Blue v Shenkusopinionsummary341657Unpublished – AffirmedPH
November 20, 2018Moeller v Lindkeopinionsummary340208Unpublished – ReversedPH
November 13, 2018Workman v Brentopinionsummary330325Unpublished – Affirmed on Remand from MSCPP
October 23, 2018TM v MZopinionsummary329190Published on Remand from MSC – Reversed on 1st amendment grounds and remanded with instruction that the PPO should be updated in LEIN as rescinded.PH
June 19, 2018BQ v FSopinionsummary341514Unpublished – ReversedPJ
May 18, 2018TM v MZ – 501 Mich 312opinionsummary155398MSC Memorandum Opinion – Reversed and Remanded to COA finding that expired PPOs are not moot as a record remains on LIENPH
*October 24, 2017TM v MZorder155398MSC Order on App for LeavePH 
*January 19, 2017TM v. MZ – McGuire v Zoranopinion329190Unpublished – MootPH 
May 17, 2018Gifford v. Kelleyopinionsummary338778Unpublished Affirmed – TC restrained types of dogsPH
March 27, 2018Brown v. Rudyopinionconcurringsummary335923Published – ReversedPP
February 27, 2018Trimm v. Woodsopinion333979Unpublished – AffirmedPP 
February 22, 2018Buchanan v. Crisleropinionsummary337720Published – Affirm in Part, Vacate in Part and RemandedPH
February 22, 2018Viggers v. Viggersopinion336419Unpublished – Affirmed TC termination of PPOPH 
December 12, 2017Sohail v. Calcoopinion338750Unpublished – MootPP 
August 17, 2017McKenzie v Blakeopinionsummary333581Unpublished – ReversedPH
August 15, 2017Handy v. Handyopinion332845Unpublished – AffirmedPP 
August 10, 2017Patterson & Woodward, Inc v. Beverwyk – 320 Mich App 670opinionsummary333301Published – Affirm in Part, Vacate in Part and RemandedPH
June 22, 2017Frye v. Nesteopinion331982Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
May 23, 2017Fields v. Netchmarkopinion329669Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
May 11, 2017Worthy v. Karbinopinion331597Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
April 20, 2017Workman v. Brentopinion330325Unpublished – MootPP 
January 19, 2017Arnold v. Pettyopinion329529Unpublished – AffirmedPP 
December 15, 2016Hekker v. Krywickiopinion329857Unpublished – MootPP 
November 17, 2016Urban v. Urbanopinion328992Unpublished – MootPP 
October 18, 2016Mueller v. Bouisopinion327945Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
October 13, 2016O’Hagan v. Kittlesopinion328707Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
September 27, 2016Mulligan v. Winkieopinion327565Unpublished – AffirmedPH 
September 22, 2016Golm v. Golmopinion328950Unpublished Opinion  
July 14, 2016Wilson v. Wilsonopinion327410Unpublished Opinion  
January 7, 2016Barr v Hallopinion322684Unpublished Opinion  
September 22, 2015Box v. Sissonopinion321538Unpublished Opinion  
April 16, 2015Sleight v. Sleightopinionsummary319806Unpublished Opinion 
March 26, 2015DS v. Staffeldopinionsummary319169Unpublished Opinion 
February 24, 2015Benson v. Fosteropinionsummary315384Unpublished Opinion 
February 24, 2015In re Fosteropinionsummary319516Unpublished Opinion 
December 18, 2014Hackett-Mayer v. Mayeropinionsummary317744Unpublished Opinion 
December 16, 2014Rastelli v. Rastelliopinionsummary317547Unpublished Opinion 
December 11, 2014Song v. Mooreopinionsummary317523Unpublished Opinion 
August 14, 2014IME v. DBSopinionsummary316274Published Opinion 
August 12, 2014In re Gallegoopinionsummary314476Unpublished Opinion 
July 8, 2014Anderson v. Johnsonopinionsummary311290Unpublished Opinion 
July 1, 2014Lipscomb v. Moranopinionsummary314520Unpublished Opinion 
May 20, 2014Lantagne v. Sabinopinionsummary312269Unpublished Opinion 
May 6, 2014Ani v. Umehopinionsummary312643Unpublished Opinion 
February 20, 2014Beckwith v. Tyersopinionsummary312616Unpublished Opinion 
December 12, 2013Weber v. Draperopinionsummary312031Unpublished Opinion 
November 14, 2013Petrucelli v. Mooreopinionsummary311112Unpublished Opinion 
October 15, 2013Jastrabek v. Jastrabekopinionsummary313704Unpublished Opinion 
September 17, 2013Wilson v. Bosleyopinionsummary311761Unpublished Opinion 
August 6, 2013Ziegler v. Ziegleropinionsummary310220Unpublished Opinion 
June 27, 2013People v. Russellopinionsummary310278Unpublished Opinion 
May 23, 2013Bloch v. Frenchopinionsummary306862Unpublished Opinion 
May 16, 2013Satterfield v. Olivaresopinionsummary310820Memorandum 
February 21, 2013Lopucki v. Scottopinionsummary306594Unpublished Opinion 
February 19, 2013Cooke v. Scheereopinionsummary306074Unpublished Opinion 
January 22, 2013Berghuis v. Shawopinionsummary308344Unpublished Opinion 
December 20, 2012Chakkour v. Chakkouropinionsummary309854Contempt 
September 27, 2013Visser v. Visseropinion146944-5MI Supreme Court  
December 18, 2012Visser v. Visser – Overturned ^opinionsummary301864Published Opinion 
October 16, 2012Grimes v. Peakeopinionsummary306297Unpublished Opinion 
October 11, 2012Austin v. Brumleyopinionsummary306335Unpublished Opinion 
October 11, 2012People v. Parishopinionsummary304440Contempt 
October 11, 2012Zoran v. McGuireopinionsummary306912Unpublished Opinion 
September 20, 2012Arsnoe v. Jenkinsopinionsummary306037Unpublished Opinion 
September 20, 2012O’Connor v. Valcaniantopinionsummary306254Contempt 
May 17, 2012Solom v. Yuhaseyopinionsummary302682Moot 
March 15, 2012Lamkin v. Engramopinionsummary303008Published Opinion 
January 19, 2012In re Kabanukopinionsummary301536Published Opinion 
December 29, 2011Dehlinger v. BetzopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
October 25, 2011Methner v. PiersonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
October 25, 2011Pierson v. BlueopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
September 13, 2011Pyscher v. BarberopinionsummaryMemorandum  
July 28, 2011Wittebort v. StanleyopinionsummaryMemorandum  
July 19, 2011Murphy v. MurphyopinionsummaryMemorandum  
May 10, 2011Morris v. RyanopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
February 17, 2011Smith v. SmithopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 27, 2011Geloneck v. VavraopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
November 18, 2010Mayes v. LivingstonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
October 21, 2010Jenson v. PusteopinionsummaryPublished Opinion  
June 29, 2010Gillem v. LattoreopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 8, 2010Cohen v. NerenbergopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
May 13, 2010Craig v. BeagleopinionsummaryMemorandum  
May 6, 2010Roesner v. HutchingsopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
March 18, 2010Niva v. NajeropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
February 4, 2010Lipscombe v. Lipscombeopinionsummary287822Unpublished – ReversedPP
January 28, 2010Gupton v. JohnstonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 28, 2010Welling v. PuckettopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 26, 2010Baker v. HollowayopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 12, 2010Colwell v. SchultzopinionsummaryMemorandum  
January 12, 2010In re SigafooseopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 12, 2010Zelkowski v. StarkopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
December 1, 2009Gordon v. JamesopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
November 5, 2009Tanner v. FritscheopinionsummaryMemorandum  
October 20, 2009Corson v. AltusopinionsummaryMemorandum  
October 13, 2009Campbell v. WolaninopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
September 24, 2009Boggs v. BoggsopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
July 9, 2009Zaleski v. MontemayoropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 25, 2009Loll v. DecatoropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
May 19, 2009Plantz v. RalstonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
April 23, 2009Cavanaugh v. SmithopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
February 26, 2009Wright v. Brown-RootopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
December 23, 2008Dooley v. HartsellopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
December 23, 2008Laury v. LauryopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
November 4, 2008Aycox v. EvansopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
October 28, 2008Eldridge v. EldridgeopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
October 7, 2008Stybel v. SchoonoveropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
August 26, 2008Coleman v. YoungopinionsummaryMemorandum  
June 17, 2008Peterson v. PetersonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 12, 2008Jasina v. JasinaopinionsummaryMemorandum  
June 10, 2008Hayford v HayfordopinionsummaryPublished Opinion  
May 29, 2008Howard v. HowardopinionsummaryMemorandum  
April 15, 2008Robitaille v. RobitailleopinionsummaryMemorandum  
October 25, 2007People v. DorseyopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
July 17, 2007Robinson v. RobinsonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 14, 2007Bachand v. WerthmannopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 14, 2007Hilgendorf v. LeeopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
March 27, 2007Perrett v. RhodeopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
February 13, 2007Zuschnitt v. PfeiffenbergeropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
August 17, 2006Sabuda v. KimopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 20, 2006Kilbourn v. MorrisonopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 20, 2006Snyder v. MooreopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
June 13, 2006Hockeborne v. GolembiewskiopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
May 25, 2006McIntosh v. City of DearbornopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
March 21, 2006Eckert v. EckertopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 19, 2006Lou v. KrameropinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
January 12, 2006Gooding v. GoodingopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
December 20, 2005Ottevaere v. TweddleopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  
December 20, 2005Ottevaere v. TweddleopinionsummaryUnpublished Opinion  

Current as of October 16, 2019.  Published cases are in Bold.

Note: Appeals after April of 2015 only cover PP case codes in cases that were not deemed moot due to the PPO expiring.

Note: After April of 2015 the Michigan Bar stopped providing summaries for PPO cases.

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